Marc Barker - Owner, Aeternitas, Inc.
Marc has been in the interactive field over 20 years – website, CD-ROM and other presentation productions. He founded Aeternitas in 2000, and currently, manages, designs and programs interactive projects, but typically contracts his best previous employees for most projects as they are major sites. Aeternitas not only creates interactive projects but their logo designs are award winning and they do print collateral as well!

Formerly Marc was the Executive Vice President of Interactive Services for Vectrix Corporation. He managed the Oklahoma City division and headed up all interactive CD-ROM production for Vectrix, created over 35 unique CDs and over 100 total CD titles. He oversaw production teams consisting of project managers, designers, animators and programmers. Projects have ranged from Business-to-Business marketing and communication Websites to fine art CDs. Marc co-founded Cosus Interactive (an Oklahoma based interactive communications company) in 1995. Previously to that, he was on the staff and faculty of the University of Central Oklahoma where he was instrumental in the founding of the Presentation Production Center, taught principles of interactivity and was production supervisor for the Multimedia Technology Laboratory.
1723 Brighton Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120-1109

Rob Smith, Lead Design Consultant
Rob Smith is a graphic designer with over 20 years of professional experience. Rob has spent time working in all of the major professional design fields including: boutique design studios, large ad agencies and interactive firms. Along with being a professional graphic designer, he also has more than 6 years experience as an adjunct professor teaching graphic design on the university level.

For the past 10 years Rob has focused his professional career on interactive design. During this time he has created many award-winning works for large corporations and small businesses.

A primary strength that helps to separate Rob from many of his interactive design peers is his understanding of corporate marketing and branding techniques. While some designers in the field may specialize in only in certain technologies, Rob practices the core value of graphic design–to creatively solve the client’s problem with respect to the target audience. Rob’s specialties include:

  • website design and development
  • CD-ROM design and development
  • Flash animation and development
  • identity design
  • corporate branding

Tony Jenkins, Lead Programming Consultant
As a webmaster and project lead, Tony has designed, developed, implemented, and supported a broad range of sophisticated applications and is intimate with all stages of the development life cycle for both small and enterprise-wide applications.

With over 25 years experience Tony understands what’s at stake to maintain Best-In-Class leadership in web application development. Tony comes to us from Seagate Technology, a market share leader and provider of computer peripherals world wide, where he held a senior position as project lead in the Information Technology division.

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